Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 43

Well other than being atrocious at keeping up with my blogging, she says 9 days later oopsie, I have made some progress on my 83 day quest, in all areas, albeit a little slowly!!!

Some quick stats;
I gained 1lb and lost 3lb
I've raised another £50
I ran the Jane Tomlinson 10K in 1:08:24

However, I have also drunk my bodyweight in cider and done very little training.  So uber training is now going to kick in, i'm now on no booze at all, no take aways and a proper training schedule until the big race.........she says hopefully :-)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 24

Money raised so far;

Money still to raise;

Finally, finally, finally - I prepared all my meals today, but it made me realise how far off the beaten track I had been swaying as I was hungry all day pretty much :-(  however, I did manage to stick to it until I got abducted to the cinema to see Bad Teacher (not so awesome), which ended in 1 strawberry cable and a small popcorn!!

Netball night tonight, but no playing for me as I was getting assessed to become an umpire - eeek!!  Although it wasn't as strenuous as actually playing, I did work up a little sweat and.......I PASSED woop woop, qualified umpire baby, yay!!!  Ooooh and I also utlilised my friends wisely by quizzing my physio friend for sore foot advise :-)))  Just need to get myself to Boots now for some strapping!!

Another £10 raised today on my on-line sponsorship page - thankyou Nikki and Ian!!

Day 23

Again, another unplanned meal day and so ended in a cafeteria lunch.  Eventhough I tried to choose a healthyish option, it still ended up in massive portion of (very unlean lasagne). I have discovered the most awesome tea though of pasta, tomatoes and cheese - completely satisfies my junk craving, it's awesome :-)

I made the mistake of playing rounders tonight!!  It was nice to get out and do a bit of exercize (even if it was in the rain and hosted by a mud field!!) after my long week of being sedentery but made my foot loads worse again.  However my next 10K is only 12 days away so I need to sort it out quick sharp so I can get my training in.

Day 22

Spent the whole day studying, studying, studying today, which of course meant no diet and plenty of snacks.  I did try my best to stick to it, but eating smaller and more frequent portions.  It all seemed to be going ok until - oh fish and chips for dinner then is it??  It was also celebration night with someone passing their exam, so off to the pub we went 'just for one beer'.........5 hours later we set off home, drunk and hungry - ending in a midnight chinese.....oopsie!!!!

No time for exercize today and my foot is still really sore :-(

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 21

Dustance run;
5.01K (32:38)

Total distance run;

Thankfully over my hangover from hell, which was a good job as it's RACE 4 LIFE day, wooooop!!  Got up nice and early to prepare myself for the race, all dressed in pink and a hearty cereal and banana breakfast - I was ready to kick some ass!!!! 

Lovely atmosphere at the event with lots of happy people raising lots of much needed money and pink for as far as the eye could see.  So after getting into my 'joggers' category, we set off - lots of people watching and clapping.......but less than 2 mins in and I was ready to kill someone!!!!  The 'joggers' group and people are pushing wheelchairs and walking and generally getting totally under my feet - aaaaaarrrgh, took me forever to get going!!  I know it's for charity and a fun day out and all that, but i'm trying to be good at running aswell!!!!  Anyhoo, I ended up with a better time than last year, so i've improved but was disappointed in my time, I was really hoping for an under 30 mins :-(

My foot was still a little sore from my Monday run, but knowing I could loose sponsors I ran it anyway......possible school boy error though, it was killing after i'd finished - dam my easily breakable body!!!

Diet wise hmmmm not so good, yet again, but not too far from the beaten track - really need to get better organised with my food i'm getting far too easily swayed with deliciously bad for me alternatives!!

Oooooh and tonight we've signed up to do the Cancer Research Shine event in London.  I'd never heard of it before, but it's an all night walk around London and we chose to do a marathon distance (instead of the aternative half marathon).  I'm very excited about this event, it should be a really lovely way to see London and of course an extra excuse to dress up :-) although I'm under no illusion whatsoever that the actually walk will be a real challenge, I think walking a marathon is no mean feet, but with the added extra of being pretty cold and then take away a night's sleep aswell.  I think it'll be really tough, but really rewarding at the same time.

So now not only do I need to be fit enough to run a half marathon and raise £400 in the meantime, I then have 2 weeks to be ready to walk a night marathon and raise whatever money anyone has left to give......will have to get my awesome fundraising ideas hat on :-)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 20

A better day than was anticipated after the previous night's drunken shenanigans. Having said that, it was spent moaning and groaning on the sofa.  So, fish and chips for dinner then, she said enthusiastically :-)  but knowing I was on a diet I did it the healthy way, bought from the shop and oven cooked.....even gave myself a diet portion, which I was chuffed about, with a nice mullerlight for pudding.  Tea was not so successful, as it ended in yet another chinese, but I have been chosing a chow mein to try and keep the portion size down - yes, that's right I could only eat half of it and save the other half, except for the problem that i'm a born gluten, so anything on the plate gets scoffed!!!  No snacking though, she says desperately trying to claw back some diet brownie points!!!

Again no exercize, maybe due to my still poorly foot, or maybe just due to the fact I was a lazy, hungover twit!!!

Day 19

A slightly less boring day today, but still full of hardwork and sore footedness.  However all training and healthy eating went straight out of the window with a birthday party that ended in me being a giant drunken mess, with no memory whatsoever!! 

That is all!!